Member Spotlight: Marion Sangiuolo-Peters

Member Spotlight: Marion Sangiuolo-Peters

Marion Sangiuolo-Peters was born in 1972 and is a lifelong New Yorker. Marion was raised in the Bronx and moved to the Hudson Valley in 2010. With her she brought her personality, talent and her love for the kitchen.

After graduating high school in 1990 and without a clear direction, Marion encountered a decade of personal struggles until she discovered her passion in cooking and a desire to become healthy. She found her calling and in 2007 when she graduated from The Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) with a degree in the Culinary Arts. This changed her life forever.

One of Marion’s personal struggles came in the form of her body. Over the years she started to gain weight and began to feel unhealthy and felt exhausted every day. After hearing her complain about her situation, a friend, Arnis Guro Bob Sullen (Instructs Balintawak Arnis on Saturday’s at Raw),  encouraged her to try cross-training at Hudson Valley Raw Athletics. Three days after 43rd birthday Marion stepped foot in Syndi and Joe Acampora’s gym. After completing her first High Intensity Cross Training class, she never looked back. Since April 14th, 2015 Marion has transformed her body. She is stronger, has more energy and feels better than she has in years. To date she has lost over 50 pounds and has dropped 8 dress sizes, and she says she is not done yet.

At the gym a new circle of friends has emerged and now Marion has surrounded herself with other healthy and determined people. This has given her a new outlook on life, herself and has sparked a new energy in growing her business, Dolci Bella Fine Foods. Marion has plans on growing her signature cake ball line and expanding into other sweets, fine foods and related goods, including healthier options.

Her message to others is simple, if you believe in yourself and are willing to work hard, anything is possible.  This includes her life, her business and her new found love of working out at Hudson Valley Raw Athletics.

Leyla Cadabal Photography-Marion Peters

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